DEWALT DCHT820P1 Cordless Hedge Trimmer Review

So you are searching for a high quality hedge trimmer! Perhaps, you want a cutting tool that can enhance your garden projects. It is also likely that you wish to upgrade to an innovative trimmer that will ease your chores while enriching your overall performance. No matter the reason, the DEWALT cordless trimmer makes a perfect fit for your chores. There are many reasons why this trimmer is a better choice compared to other cordless hedge trimmers. The following DEWALT DCHT820P1 cordless hedge trimmer review will highlight varying benefits offered by the trimmer for your garden jobs.

Features of the product

The DEWALT 20V DCHT820P1 comes with a powerful output motor for trimming chores. Its hardened steel blades are engineered for clean, fast cuts for delivering optimal performance every time. You can cut branches measuring 0.75 inches in thickness with this tool. The hooked tooth design of trimmer blades allows you to cut branches easily.

The best thing about the trimmer is it is compact in size making it easy to transport wherever you like with no problem. Also, the light weight of the model puts no pressure on your arms while you continue cutting branches of trees and bushes in your garden. The model includes a 5AH Lithium-ion battery to get the job done efficiently and quickly.


Although you will find many brands offering cordless hedge trimmers, the DEWALT model is distinct in many respects. You will discover a slew of appealing and unique benefits of using this model. Some of the popular advantages are listed below.


As far as efficiency is concerned, the 22-inch blades of the trimmer allow you to cut branches in a lot less time. Engineered for heavy duty usage, the DCHT820P1 increases the speed and efficiency of your work making it easy and simple to complete the job quickly.


Like other versions, DCHT820P1 is highly durable to withstand heavy duty usage. Whether you are working on a major cutting project or a simple one, the unit makes a perfect fit for all types of tasks.


DEWALT is popular for offering a warranty on its products, and this holds true for DCHT820P1 as well. In case something goes wrong with the trimmer, you could have it repaired and fixed as covered by the warranty.


The best part of the DCHT820P1 tool is it is priced reasonably. As such, professionals of all levels can afford the price of the trimmer. By expending a small amount, you can own this innovative machine for carrying out trimming chores effectively.

Concluding words

Thus, it becomes very clear that the DEWALT DCHT820P1 cordless trimmer is much better compared to other cordless hedge trimmers in the market. Efficiency, better performance, durability and affordability are some of the important perks of buying the DEWALT one. On account of these varied benefits, more and more people are using this model in their gardens. If you want to take your garden projects to new heights, buy this great trimmer and you are on your way to bagging some of the best beautiful projects in your work life.


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